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Blender Game Archive.

Здесь лежат готовые .blend файлы игр, сделанных соответственно в блендере. Файлы небольшие, открываются и запускаются в блендере. Половина работает некорректно (видимо создавались в более старой версии), но в общих чертах черпнуть опыта в разработке игр можно.

Quality Blender Games [LINKS] *update*

Quality Blender Games [LINKS] *update*

I made this thread because these questions get asked quite a lot around the forum,

Are there any Blender games with good graphics?

Has anyone ever made money from them?

Where are good finished ones?

*These are in no particular order*

So I start with a variety of games that are WIP’s.

Sonic the Hedgehog


1.7.1 Código Criminal

Novus Terra

Project Cassandra



Soldier Of


A Peach Story


Bongo Hop

Z-Virus 2



Charlies Big Adventure

Dead Cyborg

Robot Game [bge prototype]

Pick A Pix 3D

Third Person Game (really nice)

Dino Crisis 4


Faith II

Finished Games that have made money.

Color Cube

Dead Cyborg

Nicoles Nel’s collection

Finished Blender Games

Boro Toro

Axe and Skate

Lucy and the Time Machine

Thump Stuff

Yo Frankie

Gtown (partially finished)


Super Blender Galaxy

Mini Golf


Tank Wars

Z-Virus 1

Hummer Vs Heli


More than Duty



Finished Games [BlenderArtists]

Works in Progress’ and Game Demos [BlenderArtists]

Team Projects [BlenderArtists]



There are so many games with so much variety, I obviously left out a lot of games, do some searching, you’ll be impressed! Most of these are currently WIP’s. Sorry to anyone I left out, just trying to get some variety and to show some nice looking work in the Blender Game Engine. If you want to add any in the comments feel free to do so, but remember to link it and say which category it’s in. Also please don’t add any ‘game test in blender!’ games, thanks!

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