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[GUIDE] Unofficial EZX SDK for Motorola EZX Phones (A1200, E6)

Руководство по неофициальному SDK для телефонов Motorola EZX (A1200)

EZX SDK is a set of C++ header file (*.h) for QT libraries and EZX libraries for EZX phones. Until now there have no sign from Motorola to release official EZX SDK. so we need to hack it ourself.
QT is a application development platform for C++ see more detail from http://qt.nokia.com/. QT version on A1200 and E6 is 2.3.8.

Specification of SDK

  • Support for A1200, and ROKR E6 EZX/QT/C++ development.
  • A1200/E6 have the same SDK
  • This is not an Official SDK from Motorola. so some class or header file not 100% working.
  • use progen to create project file.
  • use tmake to create Makefile.
  • This SDK comes with helloezx project which contains 3 files. [main.cpp, helloezx.h, and helloezx.cpp]


* C++ programming basic knowledge.* Linux shell command basic knowledge.
Preparing SDK for development

extract the ezxsdk.7z you will get a ezxsdk.tar archive now we have to extract this ezxsdk.tar archieve in /home/ezxsdk
extracting ezxsdk.tar in /home

Commands to execute :

sudo mkdir /home/ezxsdk
sudo chmod 0777 /home/ezxsdk
cd /home
tar xvf ‘/path/to/ezxsdk.tar’

Creating a helloezx program

Setting up compiler Environment for SDK

. /home/ezxsdk/env.sh — be careful this command start with dot and space.

go to your project directory

cd helloezx

Generate project file using progen

progen -o helloezx.pro

Creating a Makefile for compiler

tmake helloezx.pro -o Makefile

Create helloezx ‘s binary file


if everything is ok you ‘ll get “helloezx” file in your project folder.
Testing your first app by copy helloezx file into your mmc and execute this commands via telnet.

. /home/native/.profile — this command start with dot and space too.
cd /mmc/mmca1

if you done a right step Hello EZX application should appear on phone screen. VIVA! you are new Ezx developer now!
Package it into mpkg format for testing and distribute your application.
What to do next?  If you want to learn more QT goto http://qt.nokia.com/

Thanks to
NUKIN aka Novesky @ Motorolafans.com
Eakrin (eakrin@gmail.com) for helloEZX application.
BruceLee @ Motorolafans.com for pointing out some error in tutorial. and for EZX-SDK+SDL archive
Links : Motorola Development Community, Moto-E6-SDK

EZX-SDK : Download
EZX-SDK-SDL : Download