md5deep — программа для массового подсчёта контрольных сумм файлов
Самое полезное:
md5deep -r -e -t -z -o f ./ >> ~/computer.md5sums

-r     Enables recursive mode. All subdirectories are traversed. Please note that recursive mode cannot be used to examine all files
of a given file extension. For example, calling md5deep -r *.txt will examine all files in directories that end in .txt.

-e     Displays a progress indicator and estimate of time remaining for each file being processed. Time estimates for  files larger
than 4GB are not available on Windows. This mode may not be used with th -p mode.

-t     Display a timestamp in GMT with each result. On Windows this timestamp will be the file’s creation time. On all other systems
it should be the file’s change time.

-z     Enables  file  size  mode.  Prepends the hash with a ten digit representation of the size of each file processed. If the file
size is greater than 9999999999 bytes (about 9.3GB) the program displays 9999999999 for the size.

-o <bcpflsd>
Enables  expert  mode.  Allows  the user specify which (and only which) types of files are processed. Directory processing is
still controlled with the -r flag. The expert mode options allowed are:
f — Regular files
b — Block Devices
c — Character Devices
p — Named Pipes
l — Symbolic Links
s — Sockets
d — Solaris Doors
e — Windows PE executables

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